Wedding Packages

Diamante Plan

For the bride and groom who want to be guaranteed a successful wedding!

This is our most comprehensive service covering all aspects of organising your event; from the initial planning stage of finding the perfect location, finding all the suppliers, creating the wedding design to making sure the details are in place on the appointed day.

This option is for the client who wants the expertise and full support of a professional team to ensure that their special day far exceeds expectations and without the stress and time commitments of organising it entirely for them.

We plan the budget generating considerable savings to the bride and groom as, in most cases, we have preferential pricing. We are also specialists in negotiating with suppliers.

We will have meetings in which we will discuss the following points:

Budget planning.

Management of the temporary agenda.

Search for locations.

Search and negotiation of suppliers.

Management of payments.

Planning the Design and Style of the Wedding (Wedding Design).

Attendance on the wedding day.

Ensuring Etiquette and Traditions.

Planning and Advising on Pre and Post Wedding celebrations.

Any other requirements will be taken into consideration.

Personal assistance on the wedding day

This service allows the bride and groom and their families to enjoy the big day without having to worry about organising the different suppliers or the surprises at every moment.

The coordination of the wedding day does not only consist of being there from the hours before the wedding, but requires a previous work that takes many hours and that is done through meetings with the bride and groom and the preparation of the wedding Timing or Chronogram of the wedding.

There are many tasks to take on and for this reason it is advisable to refer them to professionals who will save the bride and groom a lot of stress and will ensure that all the details of the wedding are under control.

Some of these tasks are:

  • We will prepare a Timing that will reflect all the suppliers involved in the wedding day with their contact telephone numbers, their competences and aspects to be pointed out.
  • We will confirm the number of guests, table layout, needs of the guests (allergies, pregnant women, celiacs…).
  • On the day of the wedding we will go to the venue a few hours beforehandto coordinate and check the services of the different suppliers contracted. We will review the order of the tables, decoration, we will give the last instructions to the musicians, photographer…
  • We will control the protocol for the entrance of the guests, we will welcome them and we will control the timing at all times so as not to delay any of the parties.
  • While the bride, groom and guests enjoy the dinner, we will prepare the details, gifts, etc… and we will inform the bride and groom about the different magical moments.
  • The end result is a wedding well planned, organised and prepared so that the bride and groom only have to enjoy their big day.

The service will end after the wedding dance.

Masters of Ceremonies

We have experienced wedding officiants with a great track record who will create a personalised script for your wedding. We offer a completely bespoke service for each couple. We will show you videos of our officiants and explain how we work with you to achieve that unique and personalised ceremony.

Personal meetings

Elaboration of the script for the ceremony

Advice on the choice of music

Rehearsal in our office

Gift of a ritual (sand, candles…)

Travel up to 20 km

Service and protocol of the civil ceremon

Wedding Website

We create your wedding website for you to share all the details of the most special day of your life. Tell your guests where, the date, the time, the location map, Dresscode…

Share pictures of your love story. Inform your guests of your gift preferences. Places where you can stay, beauty salons… And, above all, make it easy for them to confirm their attendance thanks to the form we provide you with.

Here you have a small sample of several models as an example:

With the Diamante plan we include your wedding website for free.

We are always ready to take on new challenges

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